The Nephilim Agenda?

David and Goliath, Gustave Dore

Well it’s been a few years now that God has really put this nephilim issue on my heart so I figure I might as well just go all out and share delicious nephilim stuff when I come across it.

It’s beginning to feel more and more important to get this information out there to Christians who aren’t aware. One of the first verses I remember memorizing way back in the beginning of high school bible class (… I went to a christian school) was Ephesians 6:12…

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

What did I think that meant, exactly? Back then I’m sure I believed that Satan lived in hell under the earths crust, so I wouldn’t have thought he’d be in the heavenly realms. And who did I think these “rulers” were, if not Satan and demons (who also would have lived under the earths crust)? I didn’t think they were fallen angels, because back then I didn’t think about fallen angels, and if by chance I did, I assumed that “fallen angels” was synonymous with “demons”. Of course now I know there is a difference, and that Satan isn’t restricted to the fiery pits. His dominion is the second heaven (aka “outer space”) and it says so right in the bible. So we shouldn’t be shocked when there are striking resemblances between so-called “alien encounters” and demonic activity. I believe they are one in the same.

This is who our struggle is against. Through the centuries they have been known by many pseudonyms and made their way into the fabric of folklore and mythology, but their agenda has not changed: to deceive mankind, just as the very first fallen angel did with the very first humans. At first, he deceived to win his kingdom. Then, they deceived in order to utterly corrupt the earth so the Lord would destroy it and no messiah would rise. And now, they deceive in preparation for the anti-Christ and his desired kingdom of corruption.

I have not read the book The Nephilim Agenda by Randy DeMain although I would love to get my hands on it! In these two episodes of XP TV the author discusses his revelations on the Nephilim agenda with Patricia King. It is very informative, especially if you are wondering if nephilim still roam the earth now, and if so, what do they look like? What is their purpose? How do we fight them? How will we be protected from them? How do we avoid fear?

And I love that they discuss the nephilim and their control of the media. In Christ we are victorious. Good stuff, people. Well worth your time!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


6 responses to “The Nephilim Agenda?

  1. Hi Moondoggle,

    Thanks for leaving this comment on my blog.

    “Hi there Bob, I am enjoying reading your posts regarding the symbolism in these logos. As a graphic designer and biblical dream interpretation student, I am fascinated by the language that the occult uses to communicate right in front of our very eyes, and how utterly unaware the majority of the population is. Good job on bringing about awareness!”

    We do have a lot of common interests in the blog content. If you’re interested in some dialog drop me a line at either the gmail account = theopenscroll or the other .com address.


    • Bob, I would love that. However I know how you feel about corresponding with women and choose to respect your choice. Thanks.

  2. I am a descendant of the Nephilim. If you are, or know any other people who are the speed of Orion’s belt, please contact me.

    • Hi Tony, I was raised Catholic but am no longer. Interesting though.. is only taught in the Old Latin Rite?

  3. Spot on man. I love your thoughts. I have believed for a long that the ancient astronaut theory is backwards and our enemies love that people have it wrong. Ancient people were not visited by extra terrestrials and mistakenly thought they were gods or demigods. I think the amcient people were right. Modern society worships science and technology. So when we happen to see demigods or demons we automatically think oh they’re more advanced creatures, extra terrestrials with more advanced technology–When they are more likely to be fallen angels or ultra terrestrials of another realm not bound by our 3 dimensions. But our idolatry of technology makes us think they’re supiroor beings from another world.

    I’m going to have to read more of your writing. To see what other not so common ideas we both have in common.
    Peace and love.

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