Anorexic model turns Plus-size


Well, this pleased me so I had to share it.

After starving herself in the modeling industry, plus-size model Crystal Renn gained 70 pounds. At one point the 5 foot 9 inch model weighed a mere 95 pounds and still, she was told she still wasn’t thin enough.

Here is a “before” Photo for Elle magazine & an “after” photo from Renn’s Hungry memoir cover. These days Crystal is a healthy 165 pounds and has even written a book about her struggles with food and modeling.







The book chronicles her journey from being told to lose 9 inches from her hips and lose 70 lbs. from her 14 year old body, to her size-0 modeling days and walking the runway, to her switch to “plus-size” (true, anything from size 6-12 is considered “plus size” instead of “average” which is messed up in and of itself) modeling, and back to health.










One response to “Anorexic model turns Plus-size

  1. You put your blog public! Woo hoo!

    i LOVE her & her story, I think she is so gorgeous. I remember seeing her bathing suit photos in a Glamour and thinking how beautiful she was, and this was before I even knew she was a “plus-size” model.

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