Word: Original Design Project for Each Book of the Bible


I have to thank my sister for this mind-blowing discovery of graphical proportions!

“Word” is a personal project by Graphic Artist Jim LePage, where he creates designs for each book of the Bible. Like most personal projects, there is a story behind it. Read that story.

I, and probably many others can relate, have been frustrated at my own lack of discipline when it comes to reading the bible. “I’ll read it a few minutes every day!” I say. Of course I never actually do. So then I up the ante in an effort to make it more interesting for myself, and ideally, help myself actually retain whatever I read by saying, “I’ll read it a few verses every day and paint a picture!”. But I never actually do it. This guy does. And he creates an original design for each book of the bible, uploading a new one every Friday. Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be anything more to like about this whole thing, take a look at the designs. He’s wonderful at it, and his designs are humourous, edgy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, trend savvy but not pretentious. His utimate goal is one that I long to share – to learn more about the Bible and make cool designs so share with people the fact that there is “more to Christian art than Thomas Kincade.”

Amen, brotha.

Check out the whole old testament here.

Check out the latest designs here.

Some of my personal favourites:



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