Brains and the Bible?

Most likely in thanks to religion and religious institutions unbending to the Holy Spirit, there are a lot of people out there who believe God is a God of rules and regulations. I also believe that a lot of people who were raised in stifling religious environments tend to shy away from God as they grow older because they want to “discover the world”, “find themselves”, explore non-religious viewpoints.

They don’t like the thought of religion telling them what to think, or how to act. They begin to feel like mindless robots, or else they fear that they might begin to feel like mindless robots. I think many who come from backgrounds like this also fear “challenging” the system by exploring answers to their questions on their own instead of just accepting what they are told by their parents/church/religion. Perhaps they fear that God will be mad, dare they try to think for themselves.

In studying the bible for verses having to do with “moon”, I also decided to do a word study for all the incidences of the word “consider” in the bible. What I found was over 100 instances of God himself urging us to use our own brains to consider life and the world around us. What I discovered is that God will not be mad dare we think for ourselves. We needn’t fear that we are somehow challenging Him, or going against Him by desiring to know things for ourselves, to draw the conclusions for ourselves. God does not desire that we be drones who accept everything we are told (even if it is by our religious leaders and teachers) at face value. One of the beautiful things about God, and the Bible, is that they can stand up to our inspections. They have nothing to hide, but lots of things hidden (for us to discover). God is not afraid of your challenges, but instead invites you to study things out, and use your reason and intellect.

He gave us the mental powers concerned with forming conclusions, judgments, or inferences. He gave us the power of intelligent and dispassionate thought, and of conduct influenced by such thought. The way we learn and fulfill our potential is by seeking knowledge and expanding our understanding. We just can’t always expect to understand completely, nor expect to understand everything. We need the Holy Spirit to bring us true revelation and insight regarding spiritual matters. God is a God who invites us to question, invites us to ask.. to consider.

I like this post from GodGivenBrain:
“…My message to all of you is this: Think! Use your God-given brain. I gave you the ability to think for a reason. Do not listen to those who tell you they have all of the answers. I have designed the Universe so that it will be a continuing Great Mystery for all of you to explore. Your purpose is to explore, discover and savor the complex beauty of my creation. You cannot discover and come to appreciate this creation without an open mind and intellectual curiosity. Open your minds and think!”

And to end this post off right, here’s a brain game: God gives you this twice absolutely free, but if you want to have this a third time, you have to pay money.


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